lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2016

Fire Angels

Fire Angels

Fire angels,
flames that burn
in the bonfire the remembrances.

Summer Solstice,
flying sparks seeking a destiny,
to venture in a heart
and share love, live it.

Brief night, night of witches 
that dance provoking desire,
of drinking more of such concoction
that endears, drives mad
and enraptures.

I have danced with you, witch,
drank the elixir of your lips
by the light of the flames and the moon.

You have offered me your breasts,
stolen my heart
and annulled all reason.

Summer Solstice.

Josep Lleixá Fernández
Catalonia, Spain
Translation by Luz María López (Puerto Rico)
Syahee Literary Magazine: December edition

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